ZL140/142/143 Elastomer Bellow mechanical seal replace VULCAN 14/142/143
Elastomeric bellow mechanical seal 560A
Elastomer Below Mechanica Seal BIA
ZL6 Elastomer Bellow mechanical seal
ZL502 Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seal replace John Crane 502, AES B07, VULCAN 1724
ZL301 Elastomer Bellow mechanical seal Replace Burgmann BT-AR
MG9 Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seal replace BURGMANN MG9, AES P03, VULCAN 24, JOHN CRANE 521
ZL2100 Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seal replace John Crane 2100, AES B05
MG1/MG12/MG13/MGS20 Mechanical Seal
ZL20/20T Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seal replace John Crane 2(N SEAT), AES P02/P02T, VULCAN 20
ZL21/21T Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seal replace John Crane 21, VULCAN 11 type, FLOWSERVE ( Pac-Seal) 110 seal
ZL2 Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seal replace John Crane 2, VULCAN A4, AES P04U

Ningbo Zhongli John Seals Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Zhongli John Seals Co., Ltd. (formerly Fenghua Zhongli Seals Co., Ltd.) was established in 2000, specializing in the design and manufacture of various mechanical seals and sealing materials. Our products mainly include rubber bellows seals, metal bellows seals, O-ring mechanical seals, flygt pump series, grundfos pump seals and cartridge seals. Some mechanical seal produced by Zhongli have become excellent replacement for mechanical seals, such as Alfa-Laval, John Crane, Grundfos, EagleBurgmann, Vulcan, Roten, Chesterton, Flowserve, etc.


Focus on quality, we are the most professional specialist in the replacements of mechanical seals

Brand Effect

Since 2000, China leading mechanical seal manufacturer. Top seal brand in China, definitely not just CHEAP. We provide one-stop and cost-effective solution for your mechanical seals.

Excellent Quality

Advanced computational facilities and tools are used to design and optimize seal performance. Combination with an extensive test program, excellent quality mechanical seals keep your equipment running longer.

Unbeatable Price

We supply all kinds of replacement mechanical seals for John Crane, Burgmann, Flygt mechanical seals, Grundfos pump mechanical seals etc. Large scale production and well trained workers reduce cost greatly, Bottom Price makes you become the most competitive seller in your market.

Quick Delivery

Advanced equipment and production line, well trained workers produce 5 million mechanical seals per year. We can have your urgent order in short time.

Advanced Custom Design

Our custom design service may eliminate the common faults found in some original industry standard types of mechanical seals through improved design, technology and material quality.

Top Customer Service

Top sales with professional skills make you feel easy to communicate with a factory. We don’t see ourselves as a supplier but as a business partner, working alongside customers to deliver added value throughout the supply chain and beyond.



Chemical Industry

ZLSEALS mechanical seal is widely used in the field of chemistry. These fluid in chemical enterprises are generally corrosive and flammable, which will not only affect the normal operation of the machine, but also cause serious harm to the surrounding environment, people's life, and health, and even cause fire accidents and explosions. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the application of mechanical seal chemical pump.

Oil and Gas

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern industry, the oil and gas industry, as an important industry which is related to the comprehensive strength of the country, has developed very rapidly. At the same time, the oil and gas enterprises have made certain progress in the scale and technical level of their equipment. The mechanical oil and gas seal(dry gas seal and wet gas seal) also has become one of the most important research topics. At the same time, people are getting more and more attention on this part.

Pulp and Paper Plant

The mechanical seal is widely used in pulp and paper industry. The excellent sealing performance is one of the important factors in the high-efficiency operation of the pulp and paper industry and the chemical industry. In recent years, the mechanical seal technology of pulp and paper industry and chemical industry is developing constantly. It is of high theoretical value and practical significance to summarize and analyze the use of mechanical seal technology to better guide production.

Water treatment Plant

With the rapid development of the international economy, the increase of population and the improvement of people's living standards, and the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, water consumption has increased dramatically. Meanwhile, the discharge of sewage has increased correspondingly, which has exacerbated the shortage of fresh water and the pollution of the water environment.

Food Industry

With global population continuing to grow, The sustainable delivery of food to the world is a worldwide challenge. Water is at the center of this concern, as food production is the largest single consumer of water. Reducing the water footprint of food production is a central goal of the food and beverage industry. ZLSEALS can assist in optimizing and managing every stage of a production facility's water cycle and the food problem.

Marine Industry

Marine research focuses on three central issues: maritime rights and interests, marine resources, the marine environment. The international struggle for the exploitation and possession of deep-sea resources is becoming more and more intense. And the match with the deep-sea technical strength of the competition is also increasingly prominent.

Petrochemical Industry

ZLSEALS mechanical seal can be used in the petrochemical industries. We also have the certain knowledge about mechanical seals for petrochemical industry, and the mechanical seal products are also widely used in the petroleum industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The continuous development of new drugs and healthcare products has increased the capacity of the pharmaceutical industry, but also brought great competition. Pharmaceutical manufacturers through improved procedures to improve the performance of their rotating equipment, and to maintain its compliance with the specification. Lower leaks and improved purity are two major concerns of sealed rotary equipment, both of which complement each other.